A little about Me

Hi, I’m Georgina Laiya

I’m an independent spirit, a passionate and relentless dreamer, a playful soul, an incessant creator and unconditional lover.

I feel a strong and compassionate warrior in me (may be my Celtic roots) who stands for brotherhood and sisterhood, integrity and community. A wild woman, a temple priestess, a mother (though with no children), a medicine woman, and a committed custodian of sacred living with natures cycles.

I love to be a champion for you, supporting you in revealing and restoring into everyday life, the natural intelligence, aliveness and sacredness of your body, your innate wisdom and your unique gifts.

I wish for you (and everyone) to feel and know deeply that you belong, you matter and by your presence, you contribute something valuable. This is an embodied and intimate way of living. 

Deep within, you have all the resources you need

I believe that your wild nature holds both a pure luminous essence and an intense blazing fire. Maybe these parts have been dampened down or ignored for a while, if they were not always safe or welcome.

The potential of your free, wild and wise nature, however, is always there, ready to be reclaimed.

Your power lies in diving deep into both your dreams AND your wounds, your light AND your dark.

It’s by combining your unique gifts AND your unique life experiences that your creative life force can be most potent and make most impact.

Channel all that power through your heart, and we can co-create a more conscious, responsible, and compassionate world.

If you're ready to go there, I'm by your side.

I’m passionate about birthing a new, more balanced and caring way of living. One that empowers each one of us to show up and relax deeply in love for ourselves and each other.

I wish for every being to feel completely safe, welcome, loved and honored.

This calls for deep listening, respect, gentle and loving-kindness, collaboration, vulnerable and radical honesty, and responsibility.

Personal healing and empowerment is one essential step on this path. And we need to go beyond this, to interdependence, where we each take responsibility to do the work for the collective.

I’m here to bring us together, so that we can remember and learn, through embodied experiences, what it is to love and be loved, to listen and be heard, to respect and be respected.

Georgina's Bio

Today, a holistic healing massage therapist and sacred bodyworker, soul whisperer, embodiment and intimacy coach, Georgina's path has led her to various wisdom teachers all over the world, studying many forms of yoga and bodywork, Heart iQ Circle Coaching, Core and Celtic Shamanism, Shamanic Tantra, Tantric Buddhism, and Somatic healing. Every path has involved personal and collective healing and awakening through the body's innate wisdom. 

With 2 university degrees, studying the relationship between humans and nature, she had a 15 year career in international biodiversity conservation and human wellness, that put her in touch with some of the most rural communities and magnificent places on the planet. Wild nature has always been her connection to the Sacred, to Source, Soul and Spirit. She spent years guiding white water rafting trips, mountain biking and trekking.  

Her personal spiritual practice seeks to honour the sacred feminine and divine masculine inside and out, in the ordinary and extraordinary of every day. She incorporates conscious relating, intimacy and sacred sexuality, meditation, yoga, and bodywork, immersion in nature and her cycles, conscious food and natural health, being in service, mobilising community, and running a business that stands for loving-kindness.

Georgina was born and raised in Ireland, at the sacred Hill of Tara, and after many years living and working around the world, she now lives in Switzerland for over 20 years. Based in Rolle by Lake Geneva, she accompanies women and men through sacred bodywork, supported by psycho-somatic, emotional and spiritual guidance. She has been running her own workshops, retreats and circles since 2011, and contributing to international teams since 2017. She is creatress of the "HeArt of Connection" and "Living Sacred Womanhood" programmes and community, "Rest to Rise", "Wild and Wise Woman Awakening", and "Conscious Connecting" programmes amongst others.


Qualifications, Training & Experiences

I'm incredibly grateful for the guidance and love, transmissions and inspiration of many great teachers. Those who have been pivotal along my journey so far are Stephen Baudin, Tej Steiner, Estera Saraswati, Christian Pankhurst, Elaine Yonge, Janine Ma-Ree, Martin Duffy, Annette Peard, Judith Hanson Lasater, Uma Dinsmore Tulli, Seane Corn and Jessica Magnin. <<< Click drop down bars below for full lists. >>>

2023  Alchemy of Love, UK

2022 Master Your Pleasure Spain (co-organiser and team)

2021 ISTA Level 2 Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Initiation, Austria (Komala Lyra, Patrik Olterman, Jasmeen Hana)

2021 Master Your Pleasure - Switzerland (organiser and assistant)

2021  Master Your Pleasure, 4 day Online Version (assisting Elaine Yonge)

2020  Master Your Pleasure, 7 days, India (assisting Elaine Yonge) and 4 day Online Version

2019   ISTA Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience, Switz. (assisting Elaine Yonge, Laurie Handlers, Raffa Manacorda)

2019   New Man Retreat, 7-days, Sweden (assisting Estera Saraswati)

2019   Phoenix Awakening, 7 days, Poland (assisting Estera Saraswati)

2019   Four Pillars of Tantra, 7 days, Holland (assisting Estera Saraswati)

2019   Temple of Love, 7 days, Holland (assisting Estera Saraswati)

2018   Intro: Four Pillars of Tantra, 2 days, Switzerland (organiser / assisting Estera Saraswati)

2018   5 Dakinis Mandala - Wisdom Rising, 2.5 days, Italy, Lama Tsultrim Allione

2018   Red Dakini Priestess Training, 7 days, Turkey (assisting Estera Saraswati)

2018   Awaken as Love Level 1 Training, Portugal, James Stevenson

2018   White Dakini Priestess Training, 7 days, Bali (assisting Estera Saraswati)

2017   Yoni Yoga - Activated Woman, Online, & Yoni Puja, Sofia Sundari

2017   ISTA Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience, Ireland (assisting Elaine Yonge, Laurie Handlers, James Stevenson)

2017   Phoenix Rising, 7 days, Netherlands, Estera Saraswati, Zenon Dorje

2016   Earth Priestess Facilitator Training, 12 days, Bali, Anna Maria Magdalena, Mira Dakini

2016   Women’s Sexuality, 4 days, Switzerland, Andrew Barnes

2016   Wild Power of Dakinis Retreat, 7 days, Ibiza, Estera Saraswati

2015   ISTA Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience, 7 days, Sweden, Andrew Barnes, Estera Saraswati, Araminta Barbour

2015   Shamanic Healing Practitioner Training, Ireland, Martin Duffy

2013   Summer Solstice Initiation, Ireland, Martin Duffy

2012   Summer Solstice Initiation, Ireland, Martin Duffy

2011   The Shaman’s Journey, Ireland, Martin Duffy

I have also been greatly influenced and guided on my shamanic path by my beautiful mom, Annette Peard, and by Irène Zumsteg.

2023   Heart Circle Facilitator Experience, 4 months, Tej Steiner

2022   Heart iQ Experience, Switzerland, Christian Pankhurst (organiser)

2022   Heart Circle 8-week Experience, Tej Steiner  

2018   Heart iQ Experience, 1.5 days, Switzerland, Christian Pankhurst (organiser)

2017   Heart iQ Experience, 7 days, Holland, Christian Pankhurst

2016   Radical Brilliance, Switzerland, Arjuna Ardagh

2016   Heart iQ Relationships Mastery, Christian Pankhurst

2014   Heart iQ, Advanced Large Group Facilitator, Holland, Christian Pankhurst

2014   Heart iQ Deep Dive 7 day retreat, Spain, Christian Pankhurst

2014   Heart iQ Personal Mentoring programme, Christian Pankhurst

2014   Heart iQ Small Group Coach Certificate, Holland, Christian Pankhurst

2014   Heart iQ Accelerated Awakening, 3.5 day, Holland Christian Pankhurst

2014   Heart iQ Small Group Leadership Certificate, Holland, Christian Pankhurst

2013   Heart iQ Accelerated Awakening, 3.5 day, Holland, Christian Pankhurst

2013   Heart Summit, Holland, Christian Pankhurst

2013   Heart iQ Accelerated Awakening, 3.5 day, Holland, Christian Pankhurst

I am also grateful to Stephanie Fabela's presence and guidance during my Heart iQ training. 

(in addition to shamanic-tantric bodywork and healing)

2024   Trigger Points, Gédane Switzerland      

2023   Lomi Lomi Massage, Gédane Switzerland  

2023   Massage & oncologie, Gédane, Switzerland

2019   Massage viscéral, Gédane, Switzerland

2019   Luo et Ramification, Centre Ling Dao, Switzerland, Stephen Baudin

2018   Massage prénatal, Ecovie, Switzerland, Cathy Tourinan

2017   Fleurs de Bach, Switzerland, Bruno Gérard

2016   Level 1 Wellness Coaching, online, Wellness Coaching Australia

2016   Kashmiri Tantric Massage, 32h, Switzerland, Zenon Dorje

2015   Shamanic Healing Practitioner Training, Ireland, Martin Duffy

2014   Médécine Académique, 300h, Switzerland, Dr. Jean-Yves Henry

2012   Massage palpatoire, 56h, Ecovie, Switzerland, Francois Nadler

2012   Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, 80h, Sunshine Network, Itzhak Helman

2012   Reflexologie Plantaire, 16h, Switzerland, Ecovie, Eric Forestier

2011   Tulamassage Basics, Switzerland, Louka Leppard

2011   Reiki 1 and 2, Ireland, Annette Peard

2010   Massage classique, 225h, Ecovie, Switzerland, Cathy Tourinan

2005   Indian Head Massage, Ireland, Annette Peard

2004   Massage sportif, relaxant, dos (57h) Fit-Massages, Switzerland 

2024   Yoga for the Stages of Menopause, 40h, Yinstinct Yoga.

2015   Yoga Nidra Teacher Training, 45h, Yogacampus, Uma Dinsmore Tulli

2013   Move from the Organs, 40h, London, Judith Hanson Lasater

2012   Relax and Renew Advanced Trainer, 22h, London, Judith Hanson Lasater

2012   Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher training, Ireland

2011   Off the Mat, Into the World Leadership, New York, Seane Corn

2011   Relax and Renew Trainer, 22h, London, Judith Hanson Lasater

2010   Yoga Teacher Training, 208h, Switzerland, Jessica Magnin        

I have been inspired and influenced by many other teachers and experiences, including Amir Jaan, Rod Stryker, Marc Holzman, Kira Ryder, Donna Farhi and Ana Forrest.

2000-2012 International Union for Conservation of Nature, Switzerland

2007  MSc Environment and International Development, University of Norwich, UK

2001 United Nations Environment Programme, Geneva

1999 Department of Conservation, New Zealand

1998  BA (Hons) Countryside Recreation Management, Moray House, Edinburgh, Scotland


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