Ways to Connect

Massage & Bodywork

Amidst the intensity of daily life, I accompany you to lovingly reconnect to your body and remember your true nature, tune in to the wisdom within and get clear on what’s important for you. You restore balance, inner power and ease.

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Sacred Womanhood

A Journey of self-love, healing, empowerment and transformation; a Practice of feminine embodiment and life force activation; a Community of genuine sisterhood; a Temple for Sacred Feminine awakening; a Compassion Revolution.

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For Men and Women

Healing the gender divide, laying down our arms of blame, seduction and manipulation. Safe, heart-warming spaces to bring awareness and compassion to how we relate, cultivating intimacy through mature masculine and feminine within each of us.

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Sacred ceremonies and rituals in honour of the cycles of Life, bridging our outer and inner worlds. A practice of grounded and embodied spirituality, activating wisdom, power and compassion in our daily lives. Community gatherings.

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Rest to Rise

Experience the radical and revolutionary art of deep healing rest. As you drop into a state of deep rest and stillness you access the deep peace and wisdom within, and this is your key to restore health, happiness and freedom.

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