Hi, I’m Georgina

I’m an independent spirit, an intense truth seeker, a passionate and relentless dreamer and creator.

I feel a strong and compassionate warrior in me, a humble, and deeply committed, custodian of Sacred Feminine wisdom.

This means being a champion for you revealing and restoring into your everyday life, the natural intelligence and sacredness of your body, your innate wisdom and your unique gifts.

I trust that deep within, you have all the resources you need.

I believe that your wild nature holds both a pure luminous essence and an intense blazing fire. Maybe these parts have been dampened down or ignored for a while, if they were not always safe or welcome.

The potential of your free, wild and wise nature, however, is always there, ready to be reclaimed.

Your power lies in diving deep into both your dreams AND your wounds, your light AND your dark.

It’s by combining your unique gifts AND your unique life experiences that your creative life force can be most potent and make most impact.

Channel all that power through your heart, and we can co-create a more conscious, responsible, and compassionate world.

If you are ready to go there, I am by your side.

I’m passionate about birthing a new, more balanced and caring way of living. One that empowers each one of us to show up and relax deeply in love for ourselves and each other.

I wish for every being to feel completely safe, welcome, loved and honored.

This calls for deep listening, respect, gentle and loving-kindness, collaboration, vulnerable and radical honesty, and responsibility.

Personal healing and empowerment is one essential step on this path. And we need to go beyond this, to interdependence, where we each take responsibility to do the work for the collective.

I’m here to bring us together, so that we can remember and learn, through embodied experiences, what it is to love and be loved, to listen and be heard, to respect and be respected.


I'll share more of my story here soon... I'm currently updating it.


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