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Hi and Welcome! 

As a Bodyworker, Soul Whisperer, Embodiment and Intimacy Guide, I help you open to your full aliveness, embrace all that you are, and fall in love with life. 

For over 10 years I'm supporting hundreds of people, privately and in groups, to come home to the wisdom of their bodies, awaken their life force, expand and relax into Being and Belonging.

I'm passionate about creating embodied experiences, safe and sacred spaces, for you to explore and remember your deeply intimate nature - with yourself, other, community and planet. 

Bienvenue - je parle aussi le Français.


In The Spotlight

Guided Home Massages
for Couples


A self-study online course
that brings you closer
through conscious touch

Discover the Programme

March Dark Moon Rest Ritual

12 March 2021 - Online


Beltane Spring Retreat

30 April - 2 May 2021
Bookings until 20 March

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Full Moon Series - Authentic Sisterhood

27 March & 24 April 2021
09h00 - 11h00 CET

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Spring Equinox Celebration Package

Self-Led Retreat & 
Community Gatherings

Available from 13 March

Massage & Sacred Bodywork

Elaneha, Rolle

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Guided Home Massages for Couples

Online Programme

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Inspiring human potential as an unlimited force for good

It's right here, in your humanness, and mine, in the ordinary and extraordinary of everyday living, all that we need and long for. I invite you to embrace and embody more of your soul essence, power, love and wisdom, for the benefit of all. I do this through:

1. Sacred Bodywork & Healing Massage
2. Personal & Relationship Mentoring
3. Facilitated Circles - Women & Mixed
4. Embodied Awakening and Intimacy Experiences
5. Sacred Living Retreats
6. Meaningful Community Building

For Women

to reclaim and reveal 
our sacred wisdom.

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For Men and Women

Conscious connecting
to cultivate awareness, understanding, compassion and intimacy

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Private Sessions

Bodywork, personal & relationship mentoring to restore balance
and access inner wisdom.

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Ceremonies to honor
the cycles of Life.

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Rest to Rise

Deep healing rest
and stillness to reveal
your authentic essence.

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Online Resources

Practices to support
your journey from home.

Coming Soon

"Georgina is a beautiful woman, a feminine woman, a free woman, a woman who is vibrant, a woman who laughs, a woman who shines. Just being around her was an inspiration."


"My feelings are fully awake. My voice is loud and I feel more self-confident than ever before. I can feel the energy and positive thinking... my dynamic is changing... I am so proud of me!"


"Merci Georgina pour cette incroyable expérience hors du commun... abondante de partage, d'émotions puissantes, d'énergie avec cette sensation d'être vivante et actrice de sa propre vie... mais aussi un moment qui permet de se connecter ou reconnecter à soi afin de laisser agir son ressenti, de s'accepter, de connaitre ses limites et de les apprivoiser, de sortir de son périmètre de confort et se laisser porter par la magie de la vie."


"It was an extraordinary experience. I moved so many blockages, and awakened such a powerful energy. It amazed me how the other participant’s personal journeys impacted me profoundly. We are all connected. This is how we move towards a better version of ourselves."


"This helped me to reconnect with myself, like starting a journey of self-discovery and birth… Thanks for helping open my heart and soul for new opportunities to come."


"It was great to experience and witness each other’s struggle and power. We are all together on this journey, with similarities and differences, and yet together in the courage to follow our hearts. Thank you!"


"Georgina created spaces for me to embrace my wild woman. I can now let her shine. This is the most safety I’ve ever known. And from here I can take care of all the parts of me that need care, that have been hurt, abused, abandoned."


"Thank you Georgina for the safe space you created with so much care for this heart-blasting and heart-warming encounter where every being got to shine their light and witness everyone's radiance."


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Free Yoga Nidra and Meditation audio practices

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