Ceremonies and rituals help us to acknowledge, align with, and honour the natural cycles of Life as sacred.

One thing is for sure. Change is constant.

Ceremonies help us bridge our outer and inner worlds, to make sense of  and to integrate experiences as we journey through life.


As we learn from the seasons of the year, the cycles of the moon, the night and day, we are supported to navigate with more ease the ebbs and flows, the deaths and rebirths, the light and the dark of our own physical, energetic and emotional experiences.


The cycle of creativity requires letting go into emptiness for new inspiration to penetrate.

As we release old habits, relationships or identities, ceremonies help us honour what has been with gratitude and consciously release what no longer serves us. As we embark on new projects, relationships or chapters of our lives, ceremonies help us focus our intention, supercharge our prayers, and access wisdom and trust to guide us going forward.

Aligning with your cyclical nature feels like coming home to yourself.

Ceremonies and rituals are beautiful ways to mark occasions and support intentions, such as:


  • The seasonal calendar, including the equinoxes and solstices.
  • The cycles of the moon.
  • Honouring your Temple body.
  • Women’s monthly cycles, first menses, and menopause.
  • Birth and death.
  • Retirement from active professional life.
  • Seeding a new project.
  • Celebrating a (re)birth day of significance.
  • A sacred union of love.
  • Ending a relationship.
  • Feminine awakening and sisterhood.
  • Masculine awakening and brotherhood.


Creating ceremonies with others, whether with one beloved or a larger community, offers ways for us to lean-in to our human nature and practice feeling connected to and supported by others, building trust, safety and confidence, uplifting each other and nurturing the qualities and environment we need to continue to awaken, evolve and open in love, together. We are not alone on this journey.


Ceremonies are an invitation to: 

- mark a sacred pause in the busyness of life,
- feel yourself and explore your inner world,
- cleanse, nurture and honour your Temple body, 
- restore your vitality and reclaim your joy and power, 
- relax and expand into the fullness of your being,
- connect to your inner wisdom,
- bring awareness to the bigger picture, 
- connect to the natural elements, spirit guides, power animals, and archetypal energies,
- cultivate sacred union of the feminine and masculine within,
- connect with community and nurture conscious connections,
- embrace both your humanity and your divinity,
- step more joyfully into service with your aliveness. 


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